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"I can't recommend Carolyn highly enough. She radiates professionalism, knowledge, empathy and kindness. Her coaching and support has been the link I was missing to help me deal with long-buried issues linked to/in part caused by my ADHD and other neural conditions, and the transformative effect of working with her is amazing, and has helped me massively both personally and professionally. It feels holistic and magical. It's akin to deep healing.  In addition, sessions with Carolyn are highly enjoyable and motivating (isn't this therapy-esque stuff supposed to be painful?) and her deep understanding of neurodiversity as well as her knowledge and expertise in her craft enables her to make this work into her own art form. She's a Da Vinci of the CBT world. She is warm, kind, fun and witty which engenders trust quickly and deeply perceptive and one of the most intelligent women I know (which is saying something). Everyone with ADHD needs a Carolyn in their lifeWe'd need to clone her though."

(Female Client, London)

"I have been taking my son to see Carolyn for help with ADHD, OCD and anxiety. Carolyn has been brilliant and made a real difference to my son's life and also mine as his mother.  Yesterday's session we tackled the hardest part of my son's behaviour which was a bedtime ritual that has been going on for many years and my son believed saying this ritual (that could last 30 mins) helped him have no worries at bedtime.  Carolyn helped my son understand that saying something is not going to make a difference and showed him the pros and cons of saying this. Last night he went to bed saying “I love you, no worries“ and I can not tell you how happy that made me feel and this morning when I asked how he had been, he said he was good and thanked me for helping him with this. I can't recommend Carolyn enough."   

(Client, Hertfordshire)

"I thought I had worked with psychologists who knew their stuff on Autism and ADHD before but now I tell everyone I know, that there is a woman in England who is on another level.  You taught me more than anyone I've worked with. Thank you." 

(Client, 50-years-old, USA)

"Just wanted to let you know what a positive experience going through the ADHD screening with you was. You said it might be a bit of a double edged sword and it certainly was. Lots of sadness and regret for all the years struggling without that understanding but also validation, acceptance and liberation as I finally have answers to all those questions about myself. So glad you were the person recommended to me." (Female client, Bedfordshire)


"Dear Carolyn, as you know I didn’t want our sessions to end but I now understand why you encouraged me to stop. You have a unique ability of really hearing what I say, helping me process and interpret it from an autism perspective then translating it back to my experience of life in a way that has been transformational for me and I wanted to let you know how I was getting on. My anxiety is still manageable and energy accounting is an everyday part of my routine. I had the discussion with my boss that you and I prepared for and the adjustments I needed at work, weren’t too much to ask for, in fact my boss offered the same adjustments to the whole team and other people also find them helpful. And my request for some kind of regular positive feedback has led to our team trialling a new scheme, which so far is getting great results. Every company needs your input on neurodiversity."

(Male client, Ireland)

"Just wanted to let you know we managed to get away for Christmas and my daughter was like a different child at the airport.  We even got on a seaplane with no fuss whatsoever. We also got on a boat to go on a day trip. She would have never done that before without getting anxious and upset! So, wanted to say a big thank you to you truly, worked your magic."  

(Client with a 16-year-old daughter, Essex)

Carolyn did CBT for journalist Aly Fixter, who wrote an article about her experience HERE.  Briefly she said, "Having started sessions, I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for my professional development."

"Carolyn has been a strong support for myself who suffers with anxiety and panic attacks.  Her CBT therapy sessions have proved to be extremely effective in helping me deal with my inner self, has helped me confront my own worries, emotions and anxiety in a safe place and where I have been able to work through my own thoughts in a way that is calming and at ease.  Carolyn was able to help me deal with my overwhelming feelings and problems in a more positive way by breaking them down into smaller parts and step by step support.  Carolyn’s CBT sessions have been a true support to myself which in turn has helped my family. I am beginning to feel like my old self again in a short amount of time. I highly recommend Carolyn and her CBT therapy sessions."  

(Client, St Albans)

"As someone fairly recently diagnosed with ADHD and autism in my late 30s, I found the sessions really eye-opening, validating and helpful. I learned a lot about how the conditions had been affecting me my whole life - often in unexpected ways. This gave me new insight into myself and things I had found frustrating and difficult for decades... I found Carolyn really compassionate and felt she was genuinely interested in finding out how my particular neurodiverse mind worked, and then in working with me to come up with ideas for ways to navigate my working life, rather than attempting to impose any preconceived strategy or framework. We combined her expertise and my knowledge of things that had and hadn't worked for me in the past to come up with very specific tools to help me be more productive and also to balance my working and personal life. As well as ADHD and autism I also have chronic physical health conditions, and Carolyn was very good at taking those into account and integrating my needs around health management into our discussions. I have already recommended Carolyn to several friends who have ADHD and autism!"   (Client, London)

"I've spent ages trying to think of what to say about how you’ve helped me but actually I can’t think of anything better than simply thank you, you’ve changed my life."  (Client, London)


"I have had so much therapy and input throughout my life but nothing changed.  Until now, and working with you.  Having someone who really understands autism and ADHD has helped me so much.  I can see why previous therapy didn’t work but more importantly, I have a new understanding of myself and why I sometimes struggle and that is very liberating.  Thank you Carolyn for listening, understanding and knowing how to help."   (Client, Hertfordshire)

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