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Young Persons Coaching and Mentoring

Navigating through the early stages of adulthood for teenagers or young people can be difficult.  MindShift is pleased to introduce Oli, who has been working with children and teens with such challenges for the last couple of years.

Oli Harley is a kind and emotionally intelligent coach and mentor for young people. He was inspired to take on mentoring after he believed the support system at his school was insufficient. Oli believes that many young people are left in the dark on the social issues impacting their life such as self-esteem or relationships, due to the overwhelming pressure of exams and grades. 


With his own diagnosis of Autism, Oli fully understands the challenges this brings to boys and girls making their way to adult life as he's faced such issues personally. He has also worked with young people with ADHD, as well as ASD.

Oli can support you (or your child) with issues such as:

- Anxiety and stress
- Friendships

- Improving Your Lifestyle
- Low Self-Esteem
- Relationships

- Social Media pressures

The 1-2-1 sessions are online and are priced at £30 per 50-minute session.

To find out more please contact us.

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