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QbCheck for ADHD

In 2017, Carolyn became the first qualified and certified provider of the QbCheck in Hertfordshire. In her previous role working for the Add-vance ADHD and Autism Trust she subsequently trained and assisted others within the organisation to facilitate it. 


Carolyn is now able to offer the QbCheck on an independent basis - either at your own home, in school, or at MindShift in Hertfordshire.

Developed in Sweden, the Qb Check is the only qualitative test for ADHD currently available in the UK. Built on the well documented and tested technology of QbTest, with over 250,000 patients tested so far.


Available for children, young people and adults aged 6-60.

How do I apply for this service?


For further information and pricing please contact Carolyn directly. Prices for the QbCheck start at £275.


Click here for more FAQ's on QbCheck.

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